As the decentralized world continues to attract a burgeoning user base, the proliferation of Dap signifies a shift towards autonomy in trading. However, we at ELFi recognize that the current landscape of products has yet to fully cater to the diverse needs of Web3 enthusiasts. Whether it's trading with ETH, BTC, or even MEME token as valuable assets of the Web3, why not embrace them? For instance, if you prefer to solely provide liquidity with ETH without the need to engage in dual-token or merge into an LP token, ELFi is designed with you in mind. Let's rock this together!

At present, ELFi Protocol has completed two rounds of strategic financing totaling US$5 million, with the latest round led by IDG Capital and KuCoin Venture Capital. The ELFi protocol has been launched on the Arbitrum testnet and is currently in the Genesis NFT public beta phase.

How Can You Trade on ELFi?

ELFi stands as a decentralized perpetual contract trading protocol that employs vAMM model. This model facilitates leveraged trading through a multi-asset pool, with liquidity providers earning from transaction fees and lending charges. Trade pricing dynamically integrates on-chain oracles and spot prices from leading exchanges. Here are some of the distinctive features you'll find intriguing:

  1. Ultra Portfolio Trading Mode

ELFi supports Multi-Assets Margin trading across various assets, such as BTC, ETH, SOL, with cross and isolated margin mode. This approach could off-set position PNL and assert volatility, reducing trading costs, enhancing capital efficiency, and improving risk management.

  1. New Liquidity Pool

Our token-based liquidity pool anchors the price of liquidity (xToken) to pricing fluctuations, offering users competitive APY. For stablecoin liquidity, we've developed a zero-risk pool by aggregating stablecoin demands across markets, ideally suited for conservative investors holding stablecoins.

  1. Support for LSD Asset Re-collateralization and Altcoin Contract Market

ELFi enables re-collateralization of LSD tokens, offering compounded returns for these on-chain derivative assets. Additionally, our Trade to Pool mechanism employs varied risk models for Altcoins, enabling us to open contract markets for tokens of different risk levels.

ELFi is more than a protocol; it's a revolution in decentralized trading, providing flexibility, enhanced returns, and a user-centric approach. Welcome to ELFi, where your Web3 trading journey transcends the ordinary.